Asked by geena from Philippines | Jan. 04, 2013 05:51
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ask by gee(philippines)

I was born Dec. 30, 1977 and my partner born Oct. 29, 1952. Do we have a good fortune for this year?

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Answered by Lisa from USA | Jan. 04, 2013 10:36
It would be better to go by Numerology Instead as that is way more accurate. I HIGHLY recommend Glynis McCants. She has been studying Pythagorian Numerology for about 25 years now. She also has a Natural Match calendar for your Life path number & created it for Important dates Including surgeries. I have been following her for about 16 years now & she is very accurate. Numerology Is also a faster way to learn about people & the year your In right now. 2013 Is a 6 year which Is more stable than the last year which added up to a 5.
but depedning on your attitude number we are all in different personal year cycles as well.
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