Asked by Linda from USA | Dec. 17, 2012 15:36
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Hubby's DOB is 1/13/76. I'm a fire snake 9/27/77.We can never hold onto money.Will 2013 be better?

We are making more money than we have in a long time, but we can't seem to save anything. Our money just flows out the door like water. Will we be able to get a handle on our finances next year? Also, will moving to a new location improve our chances fro success or should we stay where we are?

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Answered by Luna | Dec. 17, 2012 19:41
To be frank, in 2013, you may also make more or steady money, but the money saving is a little hard. But it will just happen during the first half year. In the second half of snake year, especially after the beginning of winter, you will get good fortune in finance. At that time, remember to save some money and don't make big investment.
The traditional Chinese astrology says that moving to a new house will make your relationship between you and your husband steady. So maybe you can have a try. Your financial luck probably also come to you due to the moving.
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