Asked by from Malaysia | Aug. 25, 2012 21:55
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Love my ex which she is older than me 8yrs

im rat(male) myself (pisces)1984 and im still in love with my ex which is Dragon(female scorpio)1976. I just broke up with my girlfriend few months ago and she is Snake (scorpio)1989 and im leaving my career here in Ireland. What will happen if me and my ex really back together will both of us live happilly and will i have a good live and a secure career back in my hometown? Im too stressed out because i never had a good life since im young too much obstacle... many things are bringing me down,,

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Answered by Hellen | Aug. 26, 2012 03:22
Hi, I don't think the age disparity will be the obstacle of a relationship. For you pieces, it is better to be more considerate and sociable, by which you can change a lot and handle things better.
If you and your ex be back to the ralationship. It would be good for you because you can trust each other in the daily life. And it would help you a lot in your career and life.
Amyway, keep it in mind that your need be more confident.
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