Asked by Moni from united states | Jul. 30, 2012 10:37
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Ox and Ox

I am a water ox and my boyfriend is a metal ox. Can this relationship work? Sometimes I feel the relationship tends to be one sided whereby I give more.

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Answered by Nina | Jul. 30, 2012 22:07
To tell the truth, it is a caring match. You find that the relationship might tend to be one-sided because you and you mental, ox boyfriend have different personality tendency. It means that you are an industrious and considerate person as a result that you won't let him in trouble or in a mass. So you are always caring about him. It seems that you give more to your relationship. While you BF is a person who may completely contribute to what he has interest in, so you feel he doesn't care about you, though, he is usually very kind to you. To settle the problem, you need try to communicate with him and create some lively and romantic atmosphere to wake him up and make your relationship more harmonious.
Good luck!
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