Asked by Henna from Australia | Apr. 18, 2012 07:13
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Compatibility match

I am pig 18july 1983and he is rooster 23 October it good match

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Answered by Ms.CHUY | Apr. 18, 2012 19:19
Take fortune telling and preditions with a sense of common sense. People in general can be compatible no matter their astrological affliation. When the strengths of one partner conflict with the strengths or weaknesses of their partner, then negotiation ability become very important. After all marriage is not an easy CAREER. There are many times when both partners have to sit, listen and try to find common ground on any given conflict. If marriage was a cake walk, everyone whould be married, right? What the Chinese Zodiac is saying to the ROOSTER is to those married to ROOSTERS to be aware of what qualities trigger conflicts but most important, knowing such is a good starting point to negotiate. After all any farmer can tell you TWO ROOSTERS in a hen house must COMPROMISE, COMPROMISE and COMPROMISE otherwise trouble sets in for BOTH. Good luck.
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