Asked by Ms.dina from philipines | May. 09, 2011 10:12
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ms.gemini,dragon (Chinese Zodiac)

hello i am Gemini dragon,i have a relationship with pieces snake..we are good in everything understand each other i had read that dragon will be not good in love and finacialat this year..we are atil communicating his too far away from me working i knew how busy he is so we can just talk 1,2 to 3 timesweek.understand everything with that....should everything changed with my relationship with my bf.and monies?for now everything is fine with relationship and financial matter...?

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Answered by Ms.Cindy from China | May. 10, 2011 01:57
Snake and dragon are said to be good match and your relationship looks all good for now. I bwlieve any fortune foretelling can not be taken seriously. If everything is fine now, why get yourself into a fuss.
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