Asked by Mr.Monico Molinar from United States | May. 02, 2011 08:15
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Revoke VISA

My brother has a past history of domestic violence here in the United States. As an example, I retain photos of the affects of my brother hitting his 69 year old father when my bother is a 35 year old causing massive head injuries to my father's jaw. My employer who worked for the FBI allowed an immediate one day transfer so that I could be by my father's side within 24 hours after this incident, that is, I had to relocate my dwelling from Boston, MA. to Los Angeles, California within 24 hours after hearing from my father that my brother had knocked him out with this punch to the head. My brother went missing and we found out many years later that he was residing in China and had married a Chinese woman from Shanghai, China. My reason for contacting your department is that I wish to inform your agency that my brother and his wife are trying to go back in to China this summer, 2011 to escape possible prosecution for past crimes involving his violent behavior. My brother's Chinese wife recently attempted suicide by taking a large drug overdose. The reason for her attempt was clear she screamed,"I don't want you for my husband, I don't want to be here." This argument occurred in the middle of the day and both my brother and his Chinese wife were screaming at the top of their lungs at each other in my father's quiet neighborhood. My brother has been under Veteran Care for being mentally unstable and collects a 100 percent benefit from the Veterans Administration for his mental issues which are in essence, for my brother being nuts in my opinion. I wish for you to revoke his VISA to China, and annul their marriage if Chinese law permits. I will be happy to send the photographs showing you my Dad's face the day after my younger brother violently hit him. My brother also divorced his American wife for abusive behavior towards her too. He attacked his nephew last month. He has been accused of sexual misconduct by these relatives. His presence in China shouldn't be allowed.

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Answered by Ms.MILES from United Kingdom | May. 03, 2011 02:23
Sorry, sir, this site is not the official website for Chinese embassy or consulate. You can try to contact them directly by refering to the office information from following page
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