Asked by Mr.steve from USA | Oct. 14, 2010 08:43
About:Hong Kong Area & Zip Code

I need to ship a package to Hong Kong via Fed Ex but need a zip code?

Anybody know where I can get one from

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Answered by Mr.JASON5 from China | Oct. 14, 2010 20:19
Hi, Ms Cheng, no zip code in Hong Kong. You can just write the full address and name.
Answered by Ms.Rossana from Philippines | Nov. 22, 2010 05:31
my friend who's living in the united state was the one that sent me the gift which is the parcel , now i keep on thinking why they hold my parcel in hong kong , they said that they found out that there is money they asking money from me this name Yvette Lee, Express Delivery International.if ill send him the $350 she will sent me my is smell something fishy thats why ask someone in hongkong if it is existed the no.85231968886 and the name Yvette Lee
Answered by Ms.Kate from USA | Feb. 11, 2011 14:02
FYI - I just spent forever trying to figure out how to ship via Fed Ex to Hong Kong, as the website requires a zip code and Hong Kong does not have zip codes. Solution: Fed lists Hong Kong as a separate country - do not pick China, pick Hong Kong and then you can proceed without a zip code. Was a major headache hopefully this will help others avoid that in the future
Answered by Debbie from USA | Mar. 13, 2014 15:46
Thank you Ms.Kate for the information on the Fed Ex lists you have just saved me from more days of agonizing over this package!
Answered by Karensa from UK | Dec. 03, 2014 03:10
Thank you so much!!
Answered by master lu from USA | Apr. 06, 2015 20:17
Fedex refused to send my package to Hong Kong because they need the ZiP code in order for them to ship my package.Fedex don't care about my business therefore I'll take it to US Postal Service.
Answered by Andrew from USA | Jun. 12, 2015 08:30
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Answered by Ray from USA | Aug. 30, 2015 11:23
Since there are no zip codes enter 00000
Answered by Loretta from USA | Feb. 03, 2016 16:00
I see the question is out-dated but just in case anyone goes looking for this answer and finds this like I did... if you're filling out a FedEx shipment form the drop down menu for Country/Location, instead of choosing China, scroll down further and select Hong Kong. That should fix the whole zip code required issue.
Answered by Courtney from USA | Jun. 03, 2016 15:10
Thank you so much.
Answered by Pulguita from USA | Nov. 18, 2016 14:33
Best Answer and correct one!!
Answered by barbara from usa | Feb. 01, 2018 09:56
I have been shipping to my son in Hong Kong for 3 year's this is the zip I have used for ups/usps etc

999077 he has just moved to a new address and I am going to use the same zip
Answered by Albert from Hong Kong | Jan. 28, 2019 23:14
postal code 999077
Answered by Matt from USA | Dec. 21, 2019 19:08
It actually doesn’t work. FedEx has the system designed wrong. You can find Hong Kong SAR in “country”, but they also need a name for the city. The drop down menu does not provide a city name of Hong Kong, but does have Kowloon or Kowloon Bay. Quite a bizarre design
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