Asked by Mr.Joaquin Melendez from Korea | Aug. 03, 2010 17:06
About:China Embassy in Colombia

Chinesse embassy in Korea changed the rules and now request that my Korean Alien Registration Card has a validity of at least 6 months, how can I get a visa to China?

To whom may it concern.

I am a Colombian citizen studying in Seoul, South Korea. I bought tickets to Shanghai about 2-3 months ago but since july 1st the Chinesse embassy in Korea changed the rules and now request that my Korean Alien Registration Card has a validity of at least 6 months the problem is that since l will finish my studies in December my Alien Card expires in that same month.

Please let me know what to do.

Thank you for the help.

Joaquin Melendez|joa.melendez

Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.HELPER from China | Aug. 04, 2010 03:30
Mr.Joaquin Melendez, please don't worry, as I know, the China consulate in Busan (Pusan) has not applied the new rule. I read the experience of Ms.Ayzia(Korea)who applied the China visa in Korea,

Ms.Ayzia(Korea) said:

I was in the same predicament as many of you. I booked my flight to China only to find out about the change in policy. I even sent my passport back to Canada for someone to get my a travel visa on my behalf, but it was rejected. I advise against doing this since you can't be truthful about living in Korea on the application, and they may see that you are still in Korea when they look at your passport.

In the end, Kangsan travel saved me! I dropped my passport off at their Seoul office near City Hall station and they sent it to Busan (where the ARC card rule doesn't apply yet). It took 5 days including dropping it off and picking it up. I just got it today (Aug. 2nd). Kangsan is AMAZING! Phone 020-777-2102.
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