Asked by Mr.Staten from USA | Jul. 21, 2009 13:46
About:Dress Code in China

I am a westerner, I have lived in Guangdong for one and half years and traveled many times since 1999 to China. I will travel to Guizhou for Spring Festival to a small village. My Girlfriend's family I visit is a rural farming family. I know what to expect in terms of the household and facilities. This is fine with me as I grew up in a small humble home in USA. Please share recommended dress for a male. I expect to need something nic for banquets and what is good choice for casual time in company of extended family. I want to respect the family and tradition and elders and fit in as best I can. I expect two sets of grand parents, uncles and aunts and many cousins of my dearest Girlfriend will be there. My thoughts focus on traditional coat, black trousers and shoes. Shirt ? i like buying men's chinese clothes and shoes and find them good for my style. your advice appreciated. One more question, I planned to take gift of two cartons of cigarettes and two bottles of Maotai for father. Do you think these are acceptable? Father does smoke and moderate drink.

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Answered by Mr.laura from cn | Jul. 21, 2009 20:10
Hi, there is to need to dress like you are in a banquet. As it is a small villiage, if you dress like that, it may seem weird. You do not need to dress to formal cause you will find that everyone will dress causal. However, you can not dress causal too. Are you going to her home soon? If it is in summer, you can dress a white short-sleeved shirt with a black trousers and shoes. Actually, i think it is ok if you do not wear to weird or too causal. They won't mind too much. The present you take is ok. If you are in your country now, you can also buy some wine from your country. By the way, it is recomended to take some small presents for other family members. Good luck and i'd like to hear any good news from you!
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