Asked by Ms.xiao from China | Jun. 30, 2009 21:04

to Mr.Mu Sheng:
yes,i am very glad to tell you something about ningxia~
if you travel here,you can't miss the sand lake(or shapotou) and the helan mountain.sand lake is a place where you can see both the desert and the lake,very beautiful~ fish there is delicious but a little dear..Paintings in helan mountain is very famous,and the view is nice too~
other places like the 108 pagoda,the Mosque are also good.
and the food,you can find common food and features food both, so don't worry about it~
now it is a little hot here,the highest temperature is 34C,the sun is shining a lot,too.
one thing you should remember,don't talk about pig or pork in front of HUI people,and the QINGZHEN restrauant won't serve pork~

hope you will have a nice trip~!

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Answered by Mr.amr from Egypt | Jul. 01, 2009 23:51
thank you for lovely infromation, i hope to visit soon and enjoy with old sctor of Yinchuan & Mountain there. i wish to learn to speak chinese.

again thank you ,have a nice day
Answered by Mr.amr from Egypt | Jul. 01, 2009 23:56
thanks Ms. Xiao
i dream to visit that place and eat fish with friends from there.i like fish much.
i dream also to learn speak chinese on web site but i could not found easy one.
yes we muslim not eat pork. do you have any infection of H1N1 viruse.?

thank you for your nice infromation and keep in touch

have a n ice day

Answered by Ms.xiao from china | Jul. 02, 2009 09:23
to Mr Amr:
H1N1 viruse is a little serious in beijing and those city near the sea,but it has not been found here yet,and our health sector is doing some necessary actions to prevent it from coming in.natives are not very worried about it,just be careful is ok~ :)
i am very happy to learn that you are interested in my language,maybe i can help you to find a good website if you need,i will try my best : )

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