Asked by Mr.betty from Philippines | Jun. 24, 2009 07:29
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hi mr. yina. you answered my question last june 23 exactly 5:19 am that march 23 1974 falls on feb 30, 1974 in the chinese calendar while july 22, 1972 falls on june 12, 1972 that's why i got kinda confused with your reply. If it's not too much of a hassle, do you mind double checking when exactly does march 23, 1974 falls in the chinese lunar calendar? how about july 22, 1972 and oct 12, 2001? thank you very much for your time :)

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Answered by Mr.yina from cn | Jun. 24, 2009 20:34
Hello, dear
Hi, i check the calendar again, you birthdate falls on Feb.30 and your husband is June 12. I am sure. can you tell me why you are confused? The birthdate of July 22,1972 is June. 12 and the birthdate of oct.12, 2001 is August.26 . Any other questions, reply to me!
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