Asked by Mr.rui from england | Jun. 13, 2009 16:01
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hello. i'm confused...
help please...
I am a male born in 18 of january 1965 at 9:00 am.
I've heard that i was a dragon, but the year 1965 is for snake!
what is the right one for me?
dragon or snake?
i have a dragon in my living room since my 18 birthday.
now i'm 44, do i need to replace it for a snake???
help me please...
thank you very much.

Please respond...

Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.yina from China | Jun. 13, 2009 20:41
Hi, in china, a lot of people always have their birthday according to the lunar calendar of China.
You birthdate is 1965-1-18. According to the lunar calendar of China, you birthdate is 1964-12-16 and 1964 is dragon year. Thus it is ok to say that you are born in dragon year or snake year. Understand?
In my opinion. you do not need to replace it for a snake, if you like you can have both dragon and snake in your room.
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