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Asked by Mark from United Kingdom | Apr. 24, 2013 17:47
About:China Postal Service
Where is my package and why does it say "null pvg" when i track it?RB226899860CN

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Answers (154):
Answered by Oliver from United Kingdom | Apr. 25, 2013 04:39
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Oh, on Apr. 20, it was in Shanghai. And it should be prepared to be posted via Shanghai Pudong Airport by air to overseas.
Answered by Ansema from France | Apr. 29, 2013 05:09
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Hi, can someone help me with my tracking number ? when i track it it says status : NULL
Location : PVG
But just before it says : Departure from China
My tracking number is : RB135620223CN

Answered by Oliver from British | Apr. 30, 2013 02:39
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It was in Shanghai and the information online was updated on April 25.
Answered by Genna from USA | May. 02, 2013 10:50
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Hello to all,

I'm having the same issue with "Null" showing location of "PVG" I ordered on 4-9-2013 see below what it shows. Any info would help.

Date/Time Location Activity
Tue 4/30/2013 8:06 am PVG NULL
Fri 4/26/2013 10:21 am 杭州国际 31002400 Departure from outward office of exchange
Fri 4/26/2013 9:54 am 杭州国际 31002400 Opening
Tue 4/23/2013 8:19 pm 杭州邮区中心局国际邮件处理中心 31005300 Collection

Can anyone help understand? In addition the merchant has also supplied me with a new tracking number but not sure what to make of it...
Thank you.
Answered by Grumpy from Aus | May. 21, 2013 06:57
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I have the same issue, Null PVG. Still waiting on a battery for a HP touchpad which I ordered in February. Lame excuses about it being some sort of chinese holiday, wrong tracking number was given to them, about it being lithium and was detained by customs and supposedly a new one has been sent. I have since ordered another battery from china and it was here in 5 days... I guess I just got lucky with a dodgy dealer.. not holding any hope of it arriving
Answered by Ellis from United Kingdom | Jun. 17, 2013 16:55
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Can somebody find where my order is?
Tracking number: RB479081809CN
Answered by Dulin from New Zealand | Jun. 18, 2013 04:49
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It was in Shanghai on June 14.
Answered by Rachel from uk | Jun. 26, 2013 03:56
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What does PVG NULL stand for?
Answered by Jason | Jun. 26, 2013 04:36
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PVG refers to Shanghai Pudong Airport and NULL means that your package is being transfered or being checked by local customs.
Answered by Rachel from uk | Jun. 26, 2013 06:04
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Answered by Franky from US | Jun. 28, 2013 15:17
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What Does Unsuccessful delivery Mean?
Answered by Gloria | Jun. 28, 2013 21:22
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There are several reasons for "Unsuccessful Delivery", such as wornf adress,and stuck on certain customs. Well, would you tell me your tracking number? Then I can find the reason and state for you.
Answered by laura from australia | Jul. 02, 2013 23:13
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i need help too with my package! it says Null PVG. Here is my tracking number RB299981029CN
Answered by Mike from USA (Stationed in Korea) | Jul. 07, 2013 21:36
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I have two packages from the same sender that I'm trying to track right now. The shipper is in China, and I myself am a soldier in South Korea. So my package should go from China, to a central post in the US, and then come back on over to SK. The first package just suddenly stops on all trackers that I've entered its tracking number into. The number is RB289038040CN. The second package, which I got the tracking number for four days after the first is currently listed as NULL PVG in the Chinese trackers which I've gathered means going through customs/transferring carrier and is listed as in acceptance in China on the US trackers I've put it into.
Can anyone help with the first package; and am I right about what's going on with the second?
Answered by grace from england | Aug. 06, 2013 16:55
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what does the meaning null pvg mean,tracking number RB741720947CN???
Answered by Kikina | Aug. 06, 2013 22:15
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I just searched to find your package has been delivered to Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) on Aug. 06. And NULL here refers to the state of "Delivery to Airport".
Answered by ismal anwar from United Kingdom | Aug. 15, 2013 14:34
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2013-08-15 05:23 PVG  NULL 
Track through[航空包裹]: RB246618299CN. Not sure what this means. Can you explain pls.
Answered by Worried | Aug. 19, 2013 14:51
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Hello! Please help I orderd my package over 30 days ago and it also says null and pvg. Here is tracking number RB406754265CN
Answered by David | Aug. 19, 2013 18:47
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I would contact USPS, cause they seem to have received some info re your shipment (check https://www.usps.com if you haven't done so already). It was sent as registered, means there definitely is some info available. Or they might advise you to contact china post with your tracking number, which you should try as well if your item is important (i think they should have english speaking service).

Good luck
Answered by shookie from Malaysia | Aug. 26, 2013 19:10
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I got the same problem too...please help..
Success find: 6 items!

item No. Year Status Location Destination Country Date
RA340928281CN 2013 Collection 30014301 MY 20130821 1454
RA340928281CN 2013 Waiting for transit airline Space 30031200 MY 20130822 0850
RA340928281CN 2013 Dispatching 30031200 MY 20130822 1602
RA340928281CN 2013 Waiting for transit airline Space 20110600 MY 20130823 2048
RA340928281CN 2013 Departure from China 20110600 MY 20130824 1403
RA340928281CN 2013 NULL PVG MY 20130825 0617

whats does all this means?
Answered by Jusha from India | Aug. 27, 2013 04:30
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The latest in information of your item was updated on Aug. 25, when it was in Shanghai.
NULL is the state of "Delivery to Airport" and PVG refers to Shanghai Pudong Airport.
Answered by Krissybabyii from USA | Aug. 30, 2013 17:59
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Help don't understand how long it will take to get into the USA and in the state of New York
ss find: 4 items!
item No. Year Status Location Destination Country Date
RB672494409CN 2013 Collection 20023712 US 20130825 1325
RB672494409CN 2013 Opening 20110600 US 20130825 1904
RB672494409CN 2013 Departure from outward office of exchange 20110600 US 20130826 0857
RB672494409CN 2013 NULL PVG US 20130829 0509
Answered by Luna from China | Sep. 04, 2013 02:54
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RB672494409CN It has arrived at VALLEY STREAM, New York on Sep. 3. You will receive it soon.
Answered by Shie from Chicago USA | Sep. 24, 2013 11:08
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Hi can you till me..how many days I received my package here in Chicago?I ordered on 09/11 my tracking#RB742017160CN in it says here Delivery to Airport,shanghai.Tnx
Answered by Luna | Sep. 24, 2013 21:44
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You may need to wait for around15 days.
Answered by luca from canada | Oct. 02, 2013 09:41
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can someone help me track this? its been saying NULL for a month now.. should have been here 4 weeks ago.... RB069396379CN is the tracking number
Answered by charly from New Zealand | Oct. 02, 2013 17:41
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Hi have you recieved your package yet? Just wondering if mine is coming still or not?
Answered by Mary from Australia | Oct. 05, 2013 02:09
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Hi, I ordered my package on the 12th of September 2013 and now it's already October and it was stated in the email I had received from the company that the order would take approximately 2 weeks to arrive but it is now 3 weeks heading onto 4 weeks. I have been trying to track my order but it says NULL. I have been reading in the answers that NULL on here means it has arrived at the airport or it is now being sent, but I just wanted some more information and clarification in regards to my OWN order. Here is my tracking number RB456042149CN

Please help! Thank you
Answered by Jonathan from Canada | Oct. 08, 2013 09:33
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I have a the same issue, been 3 weeks i bought the item its its stuck on NULL , on post canada tracking site, it says: item has left origin country and is en-route to canada but the guy at my post office syas i can still be in the hands of the airport in china. HELP i really need that thing to repair my car and go to work!!!
Answered by Lin from China | Oct. 09, 2013 05:02
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RB069396379CN I just tracked it and there is only news on Sep. 27, since when there is no updating. You can dial 11185 to ask China Post or wait another week. RB456042149CN Null refers to the status of "Delivery to Shanghai Pudong Airport". On Sep. 28, it was in Shanghai. By now, it should be on the way to the destinatiion. You may wait for another one to two weeks. For Jonathan, generally, the NULL refers to that your parcel was in certain airport in China. Would you tell me the tracking number? Then i can help you further.
Answered by Ali from India | Oct. 09, 2013 05:27
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Hello there , This is my Tracking number : - RB758667891CN , I am getting NULL , while i am tracking it ? can you tell me where is my parcel and when it will be delivered ?
Answered by Veronica from Ireland | Oct. 09, 2013 16:40
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item No. Year Status Location Destination Country Date
RB713225987CN 2013 Collection 20023712 IE 20131005 1042
RB713225987CN 2013 Opening 20110600 IE 20131006 0258
RB713225987CN 2013 Departure from outward office of exchange 20110600 IE 20131006 1152
RB713225987CN 2013 NULL PVG IE 20131008 0200

can someone explain please???
Answered by naty from leb | Oct. 14, 2013 03:06
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please i need help .. this is my tracking number:RB807251040CN
i had yesterday 9 items, 4 of them said null pek and the last one is null bey
now all i have is one null pek. can i know what is happening?
Answered by joel from USA | Oct. 14, 2013 16:17
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i have a tracking from china to USA NJ and it is saying NULL as well could you help me track it RB556595026CN
it was shiped out on sep 24 and its in status NULL since 9/27/2013
Answered by Lydia from USA | Oct. 14, 2013 21:19
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I have a tracking that got resent (the last one was lost and took a month for her to realize it) on Sept. 27th and on Oct. 3 it said it was NULL. Tracking number : RB764727360CN
please help!
Answered by Alice from China | Oct. 15, 2013 03:25
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RB758667891CN It was in Beijing Capital Airport on Oct. 5. It may arrive within 20 days.
RB713225987CN You may have received it on Oct. 14, right? Congratulates!
RB807251040CN I just tracked and it was at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on Oct. 9 for transfer. By now, it should be on the way to the destination.

RB556595026CN Yes, it is a little strange that there is no updating since Sep. 27. Maybe it has arrived, so you may go to your local post office to ask.

RB764727360CN There is updating. Here is the infor I checked: "October 14, 2013, 10:36 pm, Processed through USPS Sort Facility, JAMAICA, NY 11430" Hope this is good for you!
Answered by Ali from India | Oct. 17, 2013 00:20
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Thank you Alice , but can tell me that where is my parcel in recent ?
Answered by Alice | Oct. 18, 2013 22:10
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RB758667891CN for Ali: Sorry to tell you that there is still no updating online of the information of your item since Oct. 5, when it was in Beijing.
Answered by Tara from Australia | Oct. 19, 2013 06:05
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Hi can you please tell me where my package is. RA148209467CN
I too am getting the PVG and NULL on tracking
Answered by Ali from India | Oct. 19, 2013 08:35
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Hey this is the Current Status of your parcel.... RA148209467CN

You parcel has been Departured from Shanghai Airport on 16/10/2013 , After that there is no update till yet.....
Answered by T from USA | Oct. 24, 2013 13:37
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Hi! Can you please tell me where my package is? I'm also getting PVG Null... RB860878251CN
Answered by Ali from India | Oct. 25, 2013 01:22
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Congratulation , You got the delivery , Right?

Here is the latest Status...

October 24, 2013, 10:56 am, Delivered, ATLANTA, GA 30349
Answered by Lucy from Australia | Oct. 30, 2013 21:43
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Can somebody help me track my parcel? having NULL PVG problem aswell, RB226903649CN
Answered by Wendy from UK | Nov. 02, 2013 04:27
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RB226903649CN for Lucy: I just tracked and it shows that on Oct. your item was delivered to Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG). Everything is going fine!
Answered by Jac from Canada | Nov. 07, 2013 11:53
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Hi, can someone tell me where the item is? Status is "Nnull" at PVG since Oct 25.
my tracking number is RB508498863CN.

Answered by Madison from US | Nov. 07, 2013 13:24
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Hi! So my package has been at PVG for two days- how long from now should I expect to receive my package? Tracking number: RB909053756CN

Thanks so much!
Answered by Iris from China | Nov. 09, 2013 03:11
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RB508498863CN It has left China and is on the way to its destination. Don't worry!
RB909053756CN Since Nov. 5, when your parcel was delivered to PVG, you will receive it within 15-20days.
Answered by Alex from Speain | Nov. 11, 2013 17:21
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Hi. Someone can help me?:

RA489486732CN 2013 Collection 21002500 ES 20131016 0901
RA489486732CN 2013 Opening 21004700 ES 20131017 0909
RA489486732CN 2013 Departure from outward office of exchange 21004700 ES 20131017 0959
RA489486732CN 2013 NULL PVG ES 20131019 0112

Last news is from October 19th, anything else. And other times that I bought something in China, the flight only takes no more than 10 days.

Answered by Greg from USA | Nov. 11, 2013 20:02
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I have a package that appeared as Null for several days then came up as "Departured Shanghai" on the 25th of October. As of November 11th it does not appear in the US Mail tracking system. I would imagine that a last minute rush of shipments trying to make it to the US before the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend has customs completely buried.
Answered by Lucy from USA | Nov. 11, 2013 21:46
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RA489486732CN I can also just find the same infor as you that on Oct. 19, your parcel was delivered to Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG). It has been such a long time, it must have moved. Maybe it is on the way to the destination. Wait for another week and check it at your local post office then.
Answered by Josep from Catalonia | Nov. 12, 2013 18:05
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I have received some packages with a delay of 5 or more weeks. It's in customs or in queue to arrive. Be patient!
Answered by tjaphotography from UK | Nov. 13, 2013 06:57
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I too have the same issue with 2 tracking numbers
RB775203187CN and RB931340088CN

One says null PVG and other is null CAN for around 13 days now

I ordered other stuff 2 or 3 days after these items and all have arrived already appart from these
Answered by Mike from US | Nov. 18, 2013 05:11
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My package has been sitting in a null status since Friday, no other delivery company has any info on it, need help pleae. Tracking number RB860019385CN.
Answered by joe from us | Nov. 18, 2013 09:48
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my tracking number is RB877624931CN can someone help me?
Answered by Vivalex | Nov. 18, 2013 14:59
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Same problem. Where is my package? Tracking # RB340572764CN. It was in Shanghai on Nov. 5th. Thanks!
Answered by Shana from India | Nov. 19, 2013 03:51
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I just tracked that it has arrived at London on Nov. 6. Is it the destination? If so, it should have come u soon. If you don't receive it yet, go to check at your local post office immediately.

This one has arrived, right. Here is the latest infor I've searched:
15/11/13, Your item with reference RB931340088CN was delivered from our BICESTER Delivery Office on 15/11/13 .

RB860019385CN and RB877624931CN
These two were delivered to Shanghai Pudong Airport for customs check. After that, they would be sent overseas.

RB340572764CN Yes, it still shows the same. But my suggestion is that you wait for another week to ten days and then go to your local post office to check directly.
Answered by George from Argentina | Nov. 19, 2013 11:23
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Hi, PVG is the Shanghai Airport, but "NULL" is an ERROR in traslation, try to use Google Translate and use the webpage http://intmail.183.com.cn/ but in CHINESE then translate it to your language.
Answered by Flore from France | Nov. 21, 2013 06:16
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I have 'Status null since from 19th october !!

Is that normal ? Will I receive my package ?

Answered by Flore from France | Nov. 21, 2013 06:18
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This is my tracking number: RB592194975CN
Answered by Rafa from Spain | Nov. 22, 2013 13:23
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My tracking number is RB658798112CN, and the state is null on PVG. Can anybody help me?

Answered by Emma from Russia | Nov. 23, 2013 03:03
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RB592194975CN Good news for u! I just tracked that your parcel has arived at France, so you will get it soon. Don't worry about NULL any more! Here is the latest infor:
2013-11-23 00:00, En cours de traitement, MAUSSANE LES ALPILLES PDC1 (13)
2013-11-21 00:00, Arrivée en France CHINE (REP. POP) (CN).

RB658798112CN Don't worry! It is normally posteed. It shows that your parcel was started to be sent on Nov. 15 and on Nov. 17, it was delivered to Shanghai Pudong Airport - PVG (NULL meaning) for customs check. It is moving!
Answered by gamal arradi from usa | Nov. 23, 2013 16:03
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where is me package it stuck in pvg my traching number is :RB946149688CN. when will it arrive
Answered by Dalila from Italy | Nov. 24, 2013 08:06
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Hi can someone tell me where my package is and when will I receive it? Here's the tracking number RB793331315CN thank you! :)
Answered by Flore from France | Nov. 25, 2013 06:06
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Thanks Emma, I will check my mailbox and let you know.

Where did you check my tracking list ? Any link ?

I've just checked it on this page and it's said that it still on Shanghai Airport.

Best Regards,
Answered by Mariana from Brazil | Nov. 25, 2013 08:02
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Hey! Can anyone help me? it's been a month since my order is Null
the number RC036315307CN

Answered by Emma | Nov. 25, 2013 19:59
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For Flore:
Congratulates for having received your parcel on Nov. 25. Actually, I use the tracking tool on 17track. Hope help!

The NULL here refers to that your package was delivered to Shanghai Pudong Airport for customs check! By now, it should have arrived at your country customs. You'd better wait for another week and then go to check at your local post office.
Answered by Knoxy55 from Canada | Nov. 27, 2013 00:27
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How long does it usually take to go through customs? I ordered my package over 2 months ago and it says that it's still there... (Location: PVG) (Activity: NULL)

Thanks for everyone's help!!!
Answered by Ken from USA | Nov. 27, 2013 02:29
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For Knoxy55:
Generally, it takes around a week to go through customs, maybe longer.
Answered by Flore from France | Nov. 28, 2013 06:22
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Big thanks Emma !

I wish you a lovely day ! :)
Answered by Flore from France | Nov. 28, 2013 06:25
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You should receive your package, please check it.

Destination Country - Italy:Tracking Consuming:1576 Millisecond
2013-11-27 00:00, Consegnato dal portalettere del centro postale di PA SPERONE REC. in data 27-NOV-2013
2013-11-25 00:00, Accettato dal centro postale di CSI MILANO LINATE in data 25-NOV-2013
Answered by Madison from USA | Dec. 03, 2013 10:39
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So I still have not received my package and it says PVG NULL since November 5.... When should I expect my package?

Answered by Melissa from USA | Dec. 03, 2013 11:01
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Hi there! My package with the tracking RC003190286CN have come up with the following:

Tracking No. Status Location Destination Date
RC003190286CN Collection Hangzhou US Tue, 05 Nov 2013 10:08:00 GMT
RC003190286CN Departure from outward office of exchange Hangzhou US Wed, 06 Nov 2013 08:02:00
RC003190286CN Delivery to airport Shanghai US Sat, 16 Nov 2013 15:13:00 GMT

Does this mean that my packages have been and are still at the airport since 11/16??? I was hoping to get these before Christmas.

thank you!
Answered by Lily from Canada | Dec. 03, 2013 19:59
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You will receive your parcel soon, according to the lasest information online as below:
"2013-12-03 14:11, Processed through USPS Sort Facility, KEARNY, NJ 07032"

I bet you will surely receive it before Xmas. Don't worry! The latest information shows that it has arrived in the US. Here is the update:
2013-12-02 00:00, Depart USPS Sort Facility, FLUSHING, NY 11351
2013-12-02 18:41, Processed through USPS Sort Facility, FLUSHING, NY 11351
Hope help!
Answered by Charlie from Ireland | Dec. 04, 2013 13:00
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Does anyone know if there is any chance of items which are now sitting in shanghai airport making it to ireland before xmas. Also strange is that one of my package which was posted days later than another has actually reach the airport earlier. Heres my numbers RC144473245CN, RC038713669CN and RC038764475CN. Thanks
Answered by NATASHA from CANADA | Dec. 04, 2013 17:24
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RC073225407CN Collection Beijing CA Sun, 24 Nov 2013 12:34:00 GMT
RC073225407CN Departure from outward office of exchange Beijing CA Mon, 25 Nov 2013 08:11:00 GMT
RC073225407CN Opening Beijing CA Mon, 25 Nov 2013 16:53:00 GMT
RC073225407CN Delivery to airport Beijing CA Wed, 27 Nov 2013 10:37:00 GMT
Answered by Bonai from HK | Dec. 04, 2013 21:32
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For NATASHA: Please do not worry. To be honest, it is not so long and only three days have passed. Usually, the international parcel will need about one month to be transitted, so you may need to wait for a while.

For Charlie, it is normal that the late parcel moves fast than the former one. In fact, in China Post, all kinds of situation will happen. It is hard to tell whether you can get it before the Chritsmas. Generally speaking, according to the normal situation, you may get your parcel before that holiday. But if something wrong happens, it is hard to tell.
Answered by Charlie from Ireland | Dec. 06, 2013 09:58
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My package has nt even made to the airport yet despite having left the outward office of exchange over a week ago. Its now been 2 weeks and i i already have a package thats been sitting in shanhjai airport for over 2 weeks
Answered by Jennifer44 from Canada | Dec. 06, 2013 13:44
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Hello All. I also ordered a package from CHINA on Nov.19th. It was NULL at the Airport on November 26th, and there has been NO movement. I am assuming it is at either China customs or Canada? How long does it take to get? I was told anywhere from 15-35 days. I've been waiting a month now :( Tracking number is RB 571757980CN. Any advice would be appreciated :)
Answered by Esmyn from Canada | Dec. 08, 2013 06:42
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RC050704529CN is my tracking. It says departure from outward office. Is it en route to Canada? Never took this long before when I order from China (over 3 weeks and its baby headbands so I figured no customs problems). Ugh so frustrated. Help pls!
Answered by cyrille from france | Dec. 10, 2013 03:57
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hi, my tracking number is : RC303061700CN when i track that it say me null pvg can everybody can explain me?

Sorry for my english
Answered by Yesenia from Usa | Dec. 10, 2013 18:15
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My order has been in null at pvg since nov30 can someone help me please RC068462876CN
Answered by Rodolfo from Portugal | Dec. 10, 2013 18:31
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I have the tracking numbers RC029160587CN, RC069295154CN, RB916275489CN, RB765692653CN
and they are all stuck. Can someone give a help.
Best regards,
Answered by Tina from HK | Dec. 10, 2013 19:21
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RB571757980CN According to the latest update on Dec. your parcel was in RICHMOND for transfer. You are expected to receive it within 7-10 days.

RC050704529CN I just tracked and it was dispatched from Hangzhou on Dec. 4. And it should have left China by now.

RC303061700CN Ok, it was updated on Dec. 6th to this status. NULL here means that your package was delivered to Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) for customs check.

RC068462876CN Sorry to tell that there is still no update since Nov. 30. You may have to wait!

RC029160587CN, RC069295154CN, RB916275489CN, RB765692653CN They are dispatched from Beijng around Dec. 2-4. Normally, they should have left China for the destination.
Answered by Portugal | Dec. 11, 2013 00:14
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Hi Tina,
Tanks for your feedback.
Can you tell me how long it may take to arrive PT (Portugal)?

Once again, tank you very much
Best regards
Answered by kelly from usa | Dec. 15, 2013 10:46
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mine says delivery to airport - shanghai on dec. 11., but also said null pvg on the same date according to the International mail tracking system website (intmail.183.com...). so... anyone know when my package might finially show up in Missouri? thanks! tracking number RB917405653CN
Answered by ashley from USA | Dec. 16, 2013 10:41
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Waiting over 30 days for a Christmas present for my sister. Now says "PVG NULL"

Tracking # RB159672809CN

Answered by Pablo from Spain | Dec. 16, 2013 13:52
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Hi Kelly: PVG is Shanghai Pudong International Airport, its can still take a couple of weeks to arrive…

I have 2 in PVG to Spain since 26/11 too. China Post its over at this time

Hi Ashley: 26/11 enter and 7/12 in Shanghai waiting or going out. For Santa with a little lucky...

RB159672809CN Collection Wenzhou US Tue, 26 Nov 2013 17:02:00 GMT
RB159672809CN Departure from outward office of exchange Wenzhou US Wed, 27 Nov 2013 07:09:00 GMT
RB159672809CN Opening Wenzhou US Wed, 27 Nov 2013 07:15:00 GMT
RB159672809CN Delivery to airport Shanghai US Sat, 07 Dec 2013 22:31:00 GMT

Hopefully our shipments arrive soon!

Answered by Pablo from Spain | Dec. 16, 2013 14:07
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Hi Yesenia, Your order has entered your country

2013-12-15 00:00, Depart USPS Sort Facility, NASHUA, NH 03063
2013-12-14 18:49, Processed through USPS Sort Facility, NASHUA, NH 03063

Answered by Renato from Brazil | Dec. 16, 2013 23:02
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friends, I made a purchase from china that more than 55 days to get out of the shanghai airport. is it normal to take so long? please help me!
Answered by Tia from France | Dec. 17, 2013 03:52
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For Renato from Brazil, your parcel does take too long. You'd better go to your local post office to check stright away. If they still fail to track anything new, it is suggested to contact China Post to consult.
Answered by Rachel from Australia | Dec. 17, 2013 17:58
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RB711733173CN 2013 Collection 10061400 AU 20131112 1732
RB711733173CN 2013 Departure from outward office of exchange 10010200 AU 20131113 1741
RB711733173CN 2013 NULL PEK AU 20131114 0520

Help!! My product purchased from China has had a status of 'NULL' for over a month now. What could this mean?? Will my purchase ever reach me? Thanks!
Answered by Ms.BEAT | Dec. 18, 2013 08:00
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Hi Rachel, I hope being wrong but so long without moving in "Dispatching" can may have been refused by the customs...

After 30 days you have to start worrying
Go ask the local post office
Contact the seller to get more information
Paypal to 40 days can open dispute

Answered by Ms.BEAT | Dec. 18, 2013 11:12
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Rachel, sorry for on Dispatching. I been mistaken with someone else, but it is more than a month...
Answered by Ms.BEAT | Dec. 18, 2013 11:31
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The tracking information of small parcels and large packages includes the item No., Year, Status, Location, Destination Country, and Date. Hereunder is a sample tracking information:

In the Status Column:
“Collection” means the post office received the parcel;
“Opening” refers to the step of customs check;
“Departure from outward office of exchange” indicates the parcel was ready for shipment;

The location part is also very clear. However, if you use the China Post official website, you will be confused as there are numbers like 20110600 and acronym as PVG, instead of “Shanghai”. The number is actually the zip code of Shanghai, and PVG is the airport code of Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

I track my parcel at China Post, but it shows NULL. What does it mean?
Answer: The English information on the official website of China Post is translated from Chinese tracking status, but not all information can be successfully translated. So “NULL” is a technical problem of the website, not your parcel. TCG’s tracking tool borrows the original Chinese status and translates them into simple and understandable English terms.

I found the location of PVG/PEK/FOC/CAN when tracking my package. What do these initials refer to?
Answer: These are the ITIT codes for airports. PVG refers to Shanghai Pudong Airport. PEK refers to Beijing Capital International Airport. FOC is the ITIT code for Fuzhou Changle International Airport. CAN is the airport code for Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

FAQ on China Postal Service:http://www.travelchinaguide.com/faq/

Today I have received 1 item by CP airmail unregistered on 11/27. I'm waiting for 3 more items , 1 unregistered and 2 registered on those dates

Regards and good lucky
Answered by Rachel from Australia | Dec. 20, 2013 20:00
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Thanks Mr.beat. Will wait a couple more days to see whether it has arrived.
Answered by deer121 from Poland | Dec. 21, 2013 04:03
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Can anyone check status? RB986767750CN What does NULL mean ?
Answered by Priscilla | Dec. 24, 2013 00:00
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Please help me find my package!?
It's RC232134698CN.
It's been stuck at delivery to April since Nov. 30th!!??
What is going on?
Answered by Priscilla | Dec. 24, 2013 00:01
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I mean it's stuck in delivery to airport!!
Answered by Oliver from UK | Dec. 24, 2013 03:13
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I don't find NULL status. Your parcel was a new post and it was collected by the post office on Dec. 21st.

RC232134698CN There is update for your parcel. Here it is:
2013-12-23 18:03, Processed through USPS Sort Facility, SPRINGFIELD, MA 01152
As it has arrived in the US, you will get it soon.
Answered by Dan from Canada | Dec. 31, 2013 06:12
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Wondering if you can check the status of tracking number RA601301330CN. It has said pvg null since December 18th. Thanks.
Answered by beat from spain | Dec. 31, 2013 06:44
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Hi Dan! Do not worry, it's early, estimated 3-4 weeks more

RA601301330CN Collection Xiamen CA Thu, 12 Dec 2013 17:06:00 GMT
RA601301330CN Opening Xiamen CA Fri, 13 Dec 2013 13:22:00 GMT
RA601301330CN Dispatching Xiamen CA Fri, 13 Dec 2013 13:50:00 GMT
RA601301330CN Departure from outward office of exchange Shanghai CA Mon, 16 Dec 2013 09:09:00 GMT
RA601301330CN Delivery to airport Shanghai CA Wed, 18 Dec 2013 12:17:00 GMT
Answered by Dan from Canada | Dec. 31, 2013 06:50
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Wow ok, I have already waited for a month.
Answered by Deise from Ireland | Jan. 09, 2014 10:58
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Can someone help me please my tracking number is RB776803602CN. My package is on null since 16th dec

Date/Time Location Activity
Mon 12/16/2013 3:50 am PEK NULL
Mon 12/9/2013 8:11 am 北京国际 10010200 Departure from outward office of exchange
Wed 12/4/2013 8:00 pm 青岛国际 26603700 Dispatching
Wed 12/4/2013 7:47 am 青岛国际 26603700 Opening
Tue 11/19/2013 9:32 pm 青岛国际 26603700 Dispatching

Thank you
Answered by jo from it | Jan. 17, 2014 23:31
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i have the same problem, have you solve yours?
Answered by ivan from United States | Feb. 26, 2014 19:02
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Did you and everyone else receive your packets?
Answered by daniel from united states | Mar. 11, 2014 03:37
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I need help finding out why my order status say null and has been at the PEK china airport for 2 days.....please help !!
Answered by Ms.CHRISTINE from PRC | Mar. 11, 2014 22:07
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Null doesn't mean your package was lost. When your package leaves PRC, China Post can't provide further tracking information. Then it shows Null. You needn't worry about it.
Answered by Kels | Mar. 17, 2014 21:43
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I need help also!! Tracking number:LK985175217CN says it's not found!
Answered by Ms.SANQIN from China | Mar. 17, 2014 22:34
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I tracked on China Post and EMS website and goth nothing. I think you should contact the sender and confirm if the tracking number is real.
Answered by Flore from France | Mar. 27, 2014 18:23
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This is what I found :

'Origin Post is Preparing Shipment'
Answered by Carine Campos from Brazil | Apr. 17, 2014 20:32
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Hi friend,

Did you ever received what you bought?
I´m having almost the same problem with my wedding dress.
Thank you
Answered by Sue from USA | May. 06, 2014 05:54
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I have been waiting for my package for over a month! When will it get shipped? Why the hold up?
tracking # RC865500002CN
Answered by JACK from NZ | May. 06, 2014 22:11
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It has left China, on the way to the destination. I suggest you check it at your local post office by the next week.
Answered by MARIA from SPAIN | May. 08, 2014 11:05
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Anyone could help me with my tracking??

I've checked it today:

Tracking No. RC909470709CN
Status: Delivery to airport
Location: Shanghai
Destination: ES
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 07:15:00 GMT

But it have spent more than two weeks since this...
My local post have not received it...

Answered by Shahryar from Canada | May. 09, 2014 22:56
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This is my tracking code RC547014227CN
I I've been getting notices but now its telling me one week later that it has left originating office of exchange and en route to canada Again
Please tell me what this is

Answered by Sally from USA | May. 10, 2014 00:50
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Yes, it is strange that the same info has been updated on May 2. Anyway, it is at least moving. Then just wait for another week and it may arrive.
Answered by anonymous from Malaysia | May. 10, 2014 05:36
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can anyone help track my item? It says status NULL and location PVG. RC340961013CN
Answered by Lucy | May. 13, 2014 22:33
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RC340961013CN It has taken such a long time. You are advised to check it at your local post office, If it doesn't arrive, contact the seller or sender right now!
Answered by reyalp from norway | May. 20, 2014 13:51
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RA093879828CN is claimed to be posted over 4 weeks ago. still no tracking info. have i been ripped off?
Answered by Rick from Portugal | May. 20, 2014 21:27
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Did your contact the sender and tell him what happened? If not, please confirm that the sender gave you the right tracking number.
Answered by Hejhej from Sweden | Jun. 02, 2014 08:01
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Can someone track this one for me?
It has been almost a month ago I placed the order and it's still ''Sent To Airline'' status.
Answered by Irish from usa | Jun. 02, 2014 10:21
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Please help me!! My tracking number is RD080818428CN
Seller gave tracking number for almost 3 weeks but it's NOT working :(((
Answered by Linda from USA | Jun. 03, 2014 01:11
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RD118393623CN Delivery to airport Guangzhou SE Tue, 13 May 2014 17:22:00 GMT

Your parcel was sent from Guangzhou to SE on May 13. It usually takes around 7 to 30 days according to China Post. If you are worried, you may visit local post office for a check.
Answered by Mark from Germany | Jun. 03, 2014 01:12
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RD080818428CN Collection Hangzhou US Mon, 02 Jun 2014 15:09:00 GMT

It worked. Your parcel was collected by China Post on June 2.
Answered by Dar from Israel | Jun. 08, 2014 05:22
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Hi, can somebody find where my order is? RI002929575CN Thanks :)
Answered by Angela from USA | Jun. 08, 2014 21:22
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RI002929575CN Delivery to airport Shanghai IL Sat, 07 Jun 2014 06:51:00 GMT

Your parcel was sent from Shanghai to IL on June 7. Please wait for it patiently.
Answered by Hejhej from Sweden | Jun. 10, 2014 15:02
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Hi, it's only 2 days left of the purchase protection and I still haven't received my item. Should I open dispute now? My tracking number is: RD118393623CN
Please help me!
Answered by Ms.Tina from USA | Jun. 11, 2014 01:34
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It was sent to France on May 13. I think you may visit post office and check if it has arrived. If not, you may start your dispute and ask back your money.
Answered by Hejhej from Sweden | Jun. 11, 2014 06:55
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He told me it was in Sweden and he made the purchase protection longer I didn't even ask for it.. I hope I will get my item.
Answered by Darron from U.S. | Jun. 20, 2014 01:10
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Where is my order RD165667391CN? THANK YOU.
Answered by Rick from Canada | Jun. 20, 2014 01:12
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RD165667391CN Delivery to airport Shanghai US Sat, 14 Jun 2014 07:14:00 GMT

It was delivered to US on June 14. I guess it's still on the way. Usually, it takes 13 to 18 days. Please wait for it patiently.
Answered by bEATRIZ from SPAIN | Jul. 21, 2014 17:44
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My order is also null. Help, what about it? Is it lost? RD331924437CN
Answered by Rita from France | Jul. 21, 2014 22:06
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RD331924437CN Delivery to airport Shanghai ES Wed, 18 Jun 2014 06:47:00 GMT

It was sent to Spain on June 18. A month is gone. You may visit the post office to check if it arrives.
Answered by Marinela from Bulgaria | Oct. 13, 2014 12:21
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RK054046368CN 2014 Opening 21004700 BG 2014.09.21 19:35

Can someone tell where is my package? I ordered it almost 2 months ago.
Answered by Jenny from Germany | Oct. 13, 2014 22:43
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RK054046368CN Opening Nanjing BG Sun, 21 Sep 2014 19:35:00 GMT

I am afraid that your parcel might be lost somewhere in Nanjing. You may contact your sender and ask him to call China Post in order to find out what happened.
Answered by Nate from Ireland | Oct. 16, 2014 17:14
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Hi I ordered an NFL jersey from China on 31st of August and it still hasn't arrived. I'm finding it hard to follow the updates, the last of which was on the 25th September. Here's the tracking number, RL002525006CN, if anyone can help or give me more information I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
Answered by Daniel from Ireland | Oct. 19, 2014 21:08
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Im assuming your item is still on its way too you. Im in the same boat. Ordered oct 3rd and still wating. Expected delivery by wednesday for myself. If not shown by one month contscr seller.
Answered by nike from USA | Oct. 24, 2014 17:45
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Can someone help me track my package? Status says "Null" ? here is my tracking number RJ189380177CN
please and thank you!
Answered by jasmin from South Africa | Jan. 05, 2015 06:44
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Hi Nike from USA. Your parcel is in import customs in Beijing and soon after will be sent out to export. Each country it stops at, your parcel will go through customs import and export. Once in export it will fly to your destination. Another +/- 2 weeks and it will be with you
Answered by ryan from United Kingdom | Jan. 06, 2015 08:54
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Where is my item my tracking number is RH106331723CN what does NULL mean
Answered by Ms.ADSERO110 | Jan. 27, 2015 13:49
Reply   0   0
Where is my package?: RH106618718CN Getting NULL PVG! Thanks
Answered by Ms.Ivan from Sweden | Jan. 27, 2015 21:49
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RH106331723CN Arrival at inward office of exchange GB GB Fri, 09 Jan 2015 21:26:00 GMT

I am afraid that your parcel might be stuck at your customs. Please contact your customs to confirm this.
Answered by Kaia from Netherlands | Feb. 01, 2015 10:59
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Mine also say PVG NULL and i'm also wondering where my package is
Tracking number is: RJ240242080CN
Answered by Ken from Germany | Feb. 03, 2015 00:53
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RJ240242080CN Delivery to airport Shanghai NL Sat, 03 Jan 2015 08:08:00 GMT

Your parcel was sent from Shanghai to NL on Jan.3. If you still don't have it, please visit the post office in your area to see if it arrives. If not, I guess that your parcel might be delayed or lost on the way.
Answered by RYAN from CANADA | Feb. 26, 2015 16:59
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Does anyone know where my package is ? I searched on china post it was shipped Jan 22/15

here is the tracking RH028440395CN says NULL PVG
Answered by Ms.MAMUR | Feb. 26, 2015 18:57
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according to post-tracking.com/RH028440395CN its in Shanghai:

Time Activity Location Destination
Jan. 20, 2015, 18:24 Received by China Post Shanghai Canada
Jan. 22, 2015, 01:40 Export Security Scan Shanghai Canada
Jan. 22, 2015, 02:22 Export Customs Scan Shanghai Canada
Jan. 22, 2015, 02:30 Send item abroad (Export) Shanghai Canada
Jan. 22, 2015, 02:35 Arrived at postal office Shanghai HùHuànJú Canada
Jan. 23, 2015, 07:47 Arrived at postal office Shanghai Pudong Canada
Jan. 23, 2015, 16:11 Left postal office Shanghai Pudong Canada
Jan. 23, 2015, 16:42 Sent to airline Shanghai Canada
Jan. 28, 2015, 10:35 Flight depart Shanghai * Canada
Answered by RYAN from CANADA | Feb. 27, 2015 11:41
Reply   0   0
so what does that mean ? it just waiting to fly out? RH028440395CN . why has it not left?
Answered by Dave | Mar. 01, 2015 01:48
Reply   1   1
It means your parcel is waiting to be shipped out of SH or on the way to Canada.
Answered by Tommi from Finland | Mar. 04, 2015 15:52
Reply   1   0
Hello. could you please help me. my package is way overdue, over 40 days now and counting. am i gonna ever get it? :(

Tracking No: RN402085509CN

2015-01-21 13:49:29 South anqukehufuwu Collected
2015-01-21 17:38:58 South anqukehufuwu Dispatched
Answered by Help from Sweden | Mar. 05, 2015 10:00
Reply   5   0
Hello everybody!

I have been waiting for my package for over a month now and I am starting to realize that I've been scammed by the seller because he is not replying my messages. Could someone please help me? Tracking number is: RM610630705CN

Thanks everyone!
Answered by Alin from Greece | Mar. 05, 2015 10:56
Reply   4   1
Looks like you have been scammed, your tracking number is not real! sorry :/
Answered by kearia from usa | Mar. 06, 2015 21:47
Reply   0   2
LN765888774CN can yo please help me find my order ....I feel like I'm being scamed. I really really hope not.. Please and thanks!!
Answered by Help from Sweden | Mar. 07, 2015 15:13
Reply   4   0
Thanks Alin from Greece. I opened the dispute today and I hope I get my money back.
Answered by Worried from Sweden | Apr. 26, 2015 12:59
Reply   0   0
Hi everyone, I wonder where my package is because it has been a while since I ordered now. My tracking number is RJ435724898CN. Thanks for reading people!
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my package
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