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Asked by Tomek from Poland | Apr. 16, 2013 05:48
About:China Postal Service
NULL PEK 2013.04.10 RB156397121CN HELP

Please help track your package null location PEK date 2013.04.10 RB156397121CN
no more release information. what's happening

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Answers (5):
Answered by Oliver from UK | Apr. 16, 2013 22:22
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Yes, it is still the information as you searched. But PEK refers to Beijing Capital Internationalb Airport Therefore, it means that on Apr. 10, your package was prepared to be shipped by air via PEK. Now it may be on the way to you.
Answered by Sab from Singapore | May. 26, 2013 10:01
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Hey! Have you got your parcel yet? Just asking.
Answered by BorBorJaDov from Kingdom of Angkor Wat | Jul. 12, 2013 00:47
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How long have you got the package ?

Same to me.. the package was at PEK since 6-jul-2013 but now 12-jul still not arrived. may be the airplane has wrong direction to deliver at Mars.
Answered by zion from israel | Feb. 09, 2015 07:35
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Answered by Adam from France | Feb. 10, 2015 00:35
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The postal item was brought to the address listed on the item in Haifa but as there was no response at the time of the postman's visit, it will be forwarded to the Kikar Harakafot postal unit closest to the addressee. The addressee has been notified.

So please visit the post office in your area to pick it up. If you are late, your parcel will be sent back to your seller.
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