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Asked by svetalana from Russia
| Apr. 13, 2013 08:23

I listen that in shahe is ver bad quality clothes but very cheap?Im afraid to buy theres...what they mean with low end quality that if the people wear it on time will be broke it or what?I want to know when say bad quality what is exacty for people bad quality or at least to give me a example..

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Answers (4):
Answered by Gina from Malaysia
| Apr. 13, 2013 21:37
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Comparatively, the clothes at Shahe Market are indeed in bad quality and they are in low price. Personally, Baima Clothes Wholesale Market is a better choice.
Answered by Svetlana from Russia
| Apr. 13, 2013 22:56
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Dear friend,as I know in Baima the prices are very expensive,shahe is very cheap but I nneed cheap prices but quality ok..when you say the quality is bad you mean that will broke the clothes bery fast or in the first use?
Answered by Gina from Malaysia
| Apr. 14, 2013 01:26
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You are right. The clothes of Baima are a little expensive for wholesale.
For cheap ones, Shahe is your first choice. The quality is bad meaning that it is easy to get broken after wearing several times.
Answered by Lawrence from China
| Apr. 16, 2013 02:04
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In fact, there are three main clothes markets in Guangzhou.
1. Shahe market, low price, low quality. But there is still good quality clothes.
2. Baima market, higher price than Shahe's as well as the quality higher.
3. ShiSanHang market, good quality, good price.

except above, there are other small market.

In fact, the quality and price normall depend on the order quantity and negociation. China can do lots of types clothes which export to all over the world.
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