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Asked by Bekki from England | Dec. 12, 2012 07:28
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Will 2013 be a good year for me?

6th April 1992, Water Monkey, Female, Engaged to a Snake. Regarding Love, health, wealth and career?

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Answers (1):
Answered by Vivian | Dec. 12, 2012 21:48
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Hi, although you have engaged to a snake, it is not suggested to handle the marriage so quickly in 2013. You need spen more time and energy knowiing your fiance.
Health will never be a problem for you, but I suggest you do some regular exams of possible.
About wealth, you'd better not be cheated by some mean people in 2013. Otherwise, you may be in a hard financial problem.
Career will rbing you good fortune if you get a job. As long you work hard enough, your boss will praise you and you probably get a promotion.
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