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Asked by Agus from Indonesia
| Dec. 02, 2012 20:53
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Asking VOA Shenzhen through Luohu border -Hong kong for Indonesian tourist

Hi, I am Indonesian, is VOA Shenzhen available on 2 Jan13 through Luohu border? And I plan to go to Macau from Shenzhen. Do I need to go back to Luohu again or can go through shekou ferry terminal? thanks

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Answers (7):
Answered by Erin
| Dec. 03, 2012 02:22
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Yes, VOA is possible on Jan. 2, 2013 at Luohu border. You can exit Shenzhen from any port after the visit, no need to go back to Luohu.
Answered by Agus from Indonesia
| Dec. 03, 2012 21:20
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Thank you, Could it be difficult for first time visit for Indonesian tourist (travelling with family and chidren) to get it? I've read that it is not guaranteed as Immigration could change it's policy without notice. Thank you
Answered by Erin
| Dec. 04, 2012 03:15
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That is true. So, if you are first time visitor, you should better apply in advance in Indonesia for a Chinese visa.
Answered by Agus from Indonesia
| Dec. 05, 2012 10:29
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Dear Erin, I'd like to confirm. Let say I apply the VOA, how long is usually the processing time? And 5 days of visa validity is counted from the date of issuing or the date of entering Shenzhen? Thank you
Answered by Erin
| Dec. 06, 2012 02:01
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Hi, it takes few minutes only. So 5 days counts from the date of entry.
Answered by Agus from Indonesia
| Dec. 22, 2012 18:33
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Hi Erin, I would apply the VOA on 1 Jan 2013. Is the immigration office open? Thanks
Answered by Frank
| Dec. 23, 2012 00:47
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I think so. ALthough it is the Near Year Holiday, but there will be someone at the port on duty.
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