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Asked by maria from USA
| Aug. 20, 2012 23:22
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Can I use return home permit to enter china from U.S.?

I was born in HK and hold a HKSAR passport and return home permit. I live in U.S. and want to travel to beijing. Can I use return home permit to enter China? Or do I need to apply for a L visa?

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Answers (2):
Answered by Aimee
| Aug. 21, 2012 04:55
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You need to apply for a China tourist visa for this trip.
Answered by Adam from US
| Feb. 28, 2013 13:17
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I used to fly to Shanghai from United Kingdom every few weeks . I used my return home permit every time no problem at all....the only problem i had was the airline ground crew did not know about "return home permit" and keep asking why there was no Chinese visa on my passport (I used British passport so I don't think you would have the same problem as me) and took me 15 minutes to explain.
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