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Asked by terry from China
| Jul. 26, 2012 00:33
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Chinese Visa for my Thai girlfriend

I live and work in Beilun China, I have a chinese resident and work permit, my question is what is required for my Thai girlfriend to come and stay with me in Beilun, I have purchased her a return ticket and she will live with me in my apartment, all expenses will be covered by me.
How long can she get a visa for ?
Thanks in advance

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Answers (2):
Answered by Alvin
| Jul. 26, 2012 03:45
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She is going to apply for a tourist visa, right? the Round-trip Airline Ticket, Hotel Booking in China, copy of your passport infomation, residence permit and work visa, Bank Deposit Certificate is required. The processing takes 4 working days from the embassy.
Answered by James from Thailand
| Jul. 26, 2012 05:35
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Sorry Terry, it isnt going to happen. Marriage only I'm afraid, no girl friends. Even if you're married, by the time you've got a copy of an invitation letter from your company inviting your wife, stamped by the Foreign Affairs office and a full medical etc, you're probably talking upwards of 50k baht to even get a look in at a residency permit. For some reason they're making it either impossible or extremely costly to get any kind of visa now. You would need a 'Z' accompanying non-working spouse visa by the way.
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