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Asked by George Krooglik from Australia
| Feb. 04, 2012 21:29
About:China Embassy in Australia
Is Supplementary Visa Form V2011B needed for tourist visa ?

Hello, is the Supplementary Visa Form V2011B also required to be completed if only applying for a standard Tourist Visa ( V2011A ) and none of the V2011B questions apply ? Thank you, George Krooglik .

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Answers (3):
Answered by Mr.APAULT from Portugal
| Feb. 04, 2012 22:54
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Only applies for work, student visas etc and for ppl not applying in their country of passport. So if you want tourist visa and apply on an Australian passport, no worries.
Answered by GeorgeKrooglik from Australia
| Feb. 05, 2012 04:02
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Hello Mr Apault, thanks so much for a quick answer :) I was a bit confused because the website information stated the Supplementary Form was needed.... ( Tourist/Family Visit Visa (L)1. Completed Visa Application Form (Form V2011A) with a passport photograph attached and Supplementary Visa Application Form (Form V2011B ) .... although the actual Form V2011A defined it better. May I suggest the current wording be modified in the above situation by adding the words " if applicable " or similar to make it more clear ?

Thanks again for your kind help, Cheers, George Krooglik
Answered by Steve
| Feb. 06, 2012 00:59
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If you apply for a work or student visa of China, or if someone else shares the same passport with you, or if you are applying for a visa in a third country or reigion other than the country of your nationality, you should fill out the Supplementary Visa Application Form (Form V.2011B).

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