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Asked by Koooala
| Jan. 22, 2012 19:12
About:Great Wall History
Where does the Great Wall of China Start?(Where did they start building it?)

I have an imformative essay dude please help!

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Answers (2):
Answered by jamie
| Jan. 24, 2012 21:54
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The walls were connected and prolonged into the Great Wall in Qin Dynasty. The Qin Wall starts from Lintao County in Gansu Province, to the east end at Eastern Liaoning Province. The part within Gansu Province should be the earliest part.
Answered by mikayla from usamikayla
| Jan. 28, 2012 22:22
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well it starts at the boarder line and the reason why they buided it is ti keep enemies away from harming them.

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