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Asked by Namrata from Australia
| Jul. 22, 2011 22:17
About:Transportation of Beijing Capital Airport
How do I get to Badaling Great Wall from Beijing Airport?

Can you tell me the distance from the Airport to Badaling great wall ( I wouldn't be doing the whole walk but would want to see the place only. What is the best way I could get to Badaling great wall of chine by BUS, TRAIN and how much would that cost me approximately. I really wish to see the great wall of china even if its for few hours only.

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Answers (1):
Answered by Jamie from China
| Jul. 23, 2011 00:38
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At least, you should have 6~8 hours to visit Badaling Great Wall for a round trip from the airport. Upon arrival, you could take Airport Express Train for 25 minutes to Dongzhimen Station, and then take a taxi to Deshengmen bus terminus. Here, you could take bus 919 to Badaling in one hour.
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