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Asked by william from Canada
| Jul. 04, 2011 14:36
About:Guangzhou Railway Station
How long does it take from Guangzhou to Shenzhen by bullet train? How much is cost and train frequen

I intend to leave Shanghai for Guanzhou & Shenzhen and then to Singapore. Which is the best way to travel? Thank you.

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Answers (1):
Answered by Frank from China
| Jul. 04, 2011 20:38
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It takes around one hour from Guangzhou to Shenzhen by bullet train. It costs CNY80 for the second class and CNY100 for the first class. The trains run frequently on an interval of about 10-20 minutes.
The best way from Shanghai to Guangzhou is by air and then take bullet train to Shenzhen. From Shenzhen, you can fly to Singapore.
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