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Asked by nazarudin from Malaysia | Jun. 26, 2011 11:15
want to know high speed train ??

hi there I am MR Din from malaysia
me and my wife intend to go HANGZHOU and from there we like to take a high speed train from HANGZHOU to GUANGZHOU
so is there any high speed train from HANGZHOU TO GUANGZHOU???
I heard that the high speed train from SHANGHAI to BEIJING WOULD START ON THE 1 OF JULY so is there any bullet train from HANGZHOU to BEIJING???
and from BEIJING to GUANGZHOU is there any bullet train???
I surf the internet but it quite confusing, from what I know I got to take a train from BEIJING to WUHAN drop down to WUHAN and take high speed train to GUANGZHOU.
if you can advice me and help a big thank you and also please advice me on deluxe soft sleeper train compartment that is from HANGZHOU to GUANGZHOU the travelling time takes about 18 to 20 hours
It is cheap ??? and it is worth to take the train???
I really need your help about the train, time and the cost THANK YOU

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Answered by Demi from China | Jun. 26, 2011 21:49
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High-Speed Train refer to the G-train with a speed obove 250-300km/h, while Bullet train refers to the D-train with a top speed of 250km/h in China. Both of the two types of the trains are running fast.
Therefore, there is no high speed train from Hangzhou to Guangzhou and from Hangzhou to Beijing, but there is a bullet train from Hangzhou to Beijing.
There is also no bullet train between Beijing and Guangzhou. You can take bullet train from Beijing to Wuhan and then take high speed train from Wuhan to Guangzhou.
It is hard to say whether it is cheaper by train or air. Sometimes, if you get a discount air ticket, it may be cheaper than the train ticket. Anyway, you'd better pay attention to the update airfare and train fare before travelling.
For the detailed information about those trains, such as the price, time schedule , you can search for this webpage:
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