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Asked by Mr.prakash from nepal | May. 07, 2011 01:58
About:China Southern Airlines
Do I need transit visa in Guangzhou?

I am traveling from South Korea to Katmandu. I have transit in GUANGZHOU. Do i need transit visa to stay in transit? I heard that For the China southern we need transit so i want to confirm it. Anyone who knows please help me out

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Answers (3):
Answered by Mr.Piot | May. 13, 2011 22:13
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Usually, the truly transit passengers by international flight who hold onward tickets do not require a visa provided that they stay in the airport transit area and depart within 24 hours. Or, you could confirm it with your airlines for sure and refer to the page for more details:
Answered by Asaf from Australia | Mar. 28, 2013 18:07
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The question is: Do I need a transit visa, or can I get a transit visa, if I as a transit passenger I want to go out of the airport for say 8 hours. My connecting flight is say after 12 hours.
Answered by Mrs. Kristen from Mexico | Apr. 02, 2013 04:06
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Yes, you need to apply a transit visa if you will get out of the airport in Guangzhou.
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