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Asked by Ms.Chao-Wen Ching from New Zealand
| Mar. 09, 2011 04:29
About:China Train

I would like to take a train from Guangzhou to Nanning (two people) on March 31st, preferably an overnight train like the 2571/2574 departing 16:52PM.

I want to book the ticket online, but I will not be staying in a hotel or hostel in China at all. I am landing in Hong Kong on the 31st early morning, taking a train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou that morning, and want to take evening train on to Nanning - all in the same day.

How can I collect my train ticket if I book in advance? Is it possible to book a ticket and have it delivered to a friend in Hong Kong (I don't know anyone in Mainland China)

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Answers (1):
Answered by Mr.Duobun
| Mar. 09, 2011 23:54
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Personally, the fixed address of your friend in Hong Kong is feasible. Anyway, you would better make an online booking enquiry first and they will offer you the details in replied email.
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