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| Mar. 07, 2011 20:21
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Voy a visitar China en octubre, quiero saber si es posible viajar en tren desde Hong Kong hasta Shangai; desde Shangai hasta Jinan; y desde Jinan hasta Beijing. Y si alguien me puede informar donde conviene conseguir los pasajes. Gracias

I will visit China in October, want to know if is possible to travel by train from Hong Kong to Shanghai, from Shanghai to Jinan, and from Jinan to Beijing. And if someone can tell me where should get tickets. Thanks

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Answers (1):
Answered by Mr.Marl
| Mar. 08, 2011 00:38
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From Hong Kong to Shanghai, you can take the train T100B. And on Shanghai-Jinan and Jinan-Beijing routes, many trains including D trains are available. You can book the tickets online in advance. After tickets issued, they would deliver them to your appointed hotel address within China mainland.
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