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Asked by Mrs.Chua from Philippines
| Feb. 21, 2011 01:56
About:Transportation of Beijing Capital Airport
What is the easiest way from Beijing airport to Wangfujing?

My family will be going to beijing on april 21-25. We're planning to stay at hotel in the wangfujing area. What is the easiest way from airport to wangfujing? We will be arriving beijing at 12:05 AM. I've read that only Line 2 and 4 operates after midnight. What station will we get off?

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Answers (1):
Answered by Mr.Hank
| Feb. 23, 2011 00:33
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If you have 3~4 family members, it is suggested that you take a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Otherwise, take the shuttle bus Line 2 to its terminal at Xidan and then hire a taxi driving to Wangfujing. The bus stop is not far from Wangfujing.
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