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Asked by Mr.ASHOK from MAURITIUS | Feb. 16, 2011 13:20
About:China Postal Service

Departure from outward Office of exchange: what is the next step? Is arrival at airport of departure recorded in the tracking?
And if parcel is not delivered whom should we contact? I am asking this as it seems many parcels are lost by Chinapost. Thanks

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Answers (6):
Answered by Mr.Frank | Feb. 17, 2011 03:06
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The next step is arrival at delivery office. If the parcel isn't delivered, you may contact the sender to go to the post office where the delivery was made to get the fact for you.
Answered by gary from United States | Jun. 08, 2011 08:05
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the last post from air china was on 6/3/2011 says departure from outward Office of exchange then no more after that it is only a usb thumb drive when do they update there info
Answered by gary from United States | Jun. 08, 2011 12:25
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now it went backward to jun 2 arival at transit ofice i would sugest nobody should ever use a shipper that doesnt even know forward from backward
Answered by Danie | Jul. 21, 2011 03:19
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you can contact your local post service after 3 days and they will issue a new inbound tracking number to the parcel
Answered by Ms.TZOY | Apr. 02, 2012 00:25
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About:China Postal Service

Departure from outward Office of exchange: It says this in china post site from 17/3/2012. I live in Greece. Can you tell me when should i wait for it?
Answered by louis from usa | Feb. 12, 2013 16:54
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Ⅱ. The Customs System for Inward and Outward Means of transport Management



The Customs Law made detailed regulations on the inward and outward means of transport. Expressing the Customs function in protecting national sovereignty and benefits, the Customs Law promotes foreign trade and economic activities and other foreign-related activities. In conclusion, the Customs has the following provisions on the management of inward and outward means of transport.

Firstly all the inward and outward means of transport shall accept the Customs control dating from the arrival in China to the departure. At arriving at or leaving the China Customs territory the person responsible for the inward and outward means of transport (Pilot, Captain, Vehicle Director, or Car Driver) shall declare to the Customs the actual quantities of inward or outward passengers or cargo on the means of transport, the handling time, and the next destination (country or portal) etc. In addition they shall submit the documents concerning the means of transport to the Customs. The Customs has the right to examine the inward and outward means of transport and their cargo, commodity articles, and passengers. The principal of the means of transport shall be present, and open the stores, chambers, rooms, doors, and the spaces loaded with cargo and articles, move cargo and materials, open trunks or containers as required by the Customs. The principal of the means of transport shall provide the Customs with convenience when the Customs send officers to accompany the means of transport.

Secondly all the means of transport to and from China shall enter China at the places where the Customs control is available including ports, harbors, stations, international channels, international mail exchange bureaus (stations) and other related places. During staying in China, the means of transport cannot leave the stop pl
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