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Asked by Ms.Chua from Singapore | Jul. 11, 2010 22:10

Hi, My 80-year old father wants to visit his father's fujian village called Ang Kui? Anyone knows where this is and how to get there?.... I can't seem to find it in the map in Fujian? Thanks.

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Answers (5):
Answered by Mr.Michael from China | Jul. 16, 2010 22:21
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Hey, do you know which county or city it belongs? There are so many villages in Fujian that it is hard to find with just the name of village:-)
Answered by Ms. Chua from Singapore | Jul. 17, 2010 02:46
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I am afraid my father only knows that my grandfather came from a village called Ang Kui in Fujian ... I think he the place is also called 'Or Tou'? Anyone knows where this is?
Answered by Mr.HP from USA | Aug. 22, 2010 17:32
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Ask you father to write down the town's name in Chinese because the pronunciation can be quite different in Hokkian from Mandarin, which is used in China maps. As you can see, Ang is 'Hong' in Mandarin. I do not know what Kui is? However, the Chinese characters will be the same regardless how it is pronounced. The next step is to go to his Family Association and ask some one there. There usually are people quite knowledgeable about this type of question.
Answered by Ms.Teo from Malaysia | Aug. 26, 2010 07:16
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The problem is that my family have no information what ever. The only association with hokkien is the chiang chuan Association other than that there is non that I knew of. thank you for your reply
Answered by Mr.HP | Aug. 29, 2010 22:05
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After some thought, I think your father's village may be actually the present ANXI (mandarin), and in Hokkien, it would be 'An Kui'. Anxi is west of Nan'An and of Quanzhou, and north of Xiamen. Type Anxi, Fujien, China and use Google map to locate it. You can get the Chinese characters (Anxi means peaceful creek) from Google search. Hope this helps narrow down your search.
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