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Asked by Mr.KUOSEATTLE from USA
| Jun. 02, 2010 16:31
About:China Consulate in Vancouver


I'm a naturalized US Citizen born in Hong Kong. My questions are:

1) Can I apply for my HK Permanent ID card and HK Passport thorough China consulate in Vancouver? Do they serve people from Canada only? The nearest China consulate in the USA for me is in San Francisco so logistically applying through China consulate in Vancouver would be better for me,

2) Similar question: As a US citizen, can I apply for a visa to enter China through China consulate in Vancouver?

Thank you very much for your time!

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Answers (1):
Answered by Mrs.LILY from Canada
| Jun. 03, 2010 02:52
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Mr.KUOSEATTLE, as I know, applicants can apply for passport or visa at the nearest China embassy/consualte. To be safety, you'd better contact the China Consulate in Vancouver.
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